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Ionic vs Colloidal
« on: March 15, 2020, 02:29:30 PM »
The one topic which has irritated me the most over the years is the subject of which is better: Ionic or Colloidal.

Its time to use your brain!


Laboratory testing has proven that colloidal (metallic) silver kills bacteria by burning a hole in its cell membrane causing it to essentially bleed to death.

Laboratory testing has proven that the exudate (metabolic byproducts) given off by bacteria will reduce ionic silver to metallic.  There is even a patent for making colloidal silver using e-coli bacteria as the reducing agent.

The positive electric charge of ionic silver allows it to easily enter healthy cells just as positive charged sodium and potassium do while avoiding bacteria.   The apparent negative electric charge of a silver nanoparticle cannot do this.  There is no recorded case of metallic colloidal silver ever causing argyria. 

Human blood is alkaline.  If it is not, you are dead!

Human blood contains glucose and glutathione, both of which are reducing agents for silver in an alkaline environment.  In fact, any water soluble substance which is known as an antioxidant is a reducing agent for silver.  An antioxidant is a reducing agent that becomes oxidized by an oxidizing agent, instead of that oxidizing agent oxidizing something more important..... antioxidants are sacrificial.

So what possibilities are there for ionic silver?  It can either be absorbed into healthy cells rendering it useless as an antibiotic, and causing argyria, or it can be reduced to metallic in the bloodstream depleting valuable substances like vitamin C needed for good health.

Which of these scenarios do you think is the better?

Colloidal Silver is only a bargain if you make it yourself.